AB Elektronik Sachsen


Our brand AB Elektronik Sachsen has been supplying leading passenger car, commercial and off-road vehicle manufacturers with vital components for sensing temperature, pressure and fluid properties for more than 25 years.

We are a proven partner for exhaust-gas-aftertreatment applications and our products are the best choice for applications that require high accuracy and fast response. They provide the reliability and robustness needed to meet the environmental challenges of the automotive industry, dealing with the effects of dirt, vibration, temperature and mechanical stress.

The global design and manufacturing of our intelligent, modular sensors uses a range of technologies and best practice techniques to achieve optimised, application-oriented solutions for each requirement. These include our temperature sensors, piezo-resistive pressure cells and CMOS sensors.

Temperature-, Pressure and Quality Sensors for emission control and powertrain management support green-vehicle-strategy. Engine thermal management, mechanically decoupled aggregates (e.g. cooling pump, fuel pump) can be optimized using latest technologies for temperature and pressure measurement. This leads to more engine efficiency and lower fuel consumption.

In high power engines it is always a big challenge to reduce emissions, because the focus on performance will not allow a loss of power. The Premium Car and Truck makers have taken this challenge and are able to reduce the Corporate Average Fuel Economy significantly by using a fully electronic- engine management and exhaust gas process.

TT electronics offers a wide range of mission critical sensors for these and other applications. Working in different media they are able to survive with long term stability in the harsh environment and provide signals in fast response time. Due to flexible configurations, the sensor modules can easily be integrated into customer-specific systems.

  • NTC (various values), PT100, PT200, PT1000
  • Thermocouples
  • Piezo resistive pressure cells
  • Optical sensors (CMOS)


We are a global business, especially proud of our responsive and flexible service that ensures our customers can access the best expertise available in response to their needs and ambitions.

Around the globe we operate to the highest operational standards, developing and producing products of the highest quality. Local expert sales capabilities are supporting our customers and projects.


Sales contact Europe

Werne / Germany

AB Elektronik GmbH
Feldmark 50
59368 Werne (Germany)

T: +49 2389 788-0
F: +49 2389 788 -190

UST: DE 125858036
DUNS: 315713107
Dortmund Register: HRB 17482

Klingenberg / Germany

AB Elektronik Sachsen GmbH
Salzstraße 3
01774 Klingenberg (Germany)

T: +49 (0) 35202 57 30
F: +49 (0) 35202 57 401

UST: DE 812358661
DUNS: 498701325
Dresden Register: HRB 14907

Salzburg / Austria

AB Mikroelektronik GmbH
Josef-Brandstätter-Straße 2
5020 Salzburg (Austria)

T: +43 662 44991 0
F: +43 662 4204 89 10

UST: ATU33823306
DUNS: 300210283
Salzburg Register: FN 66011 a

Cambridge / UK

TT Electronics Technology Ltd
Harston Mill
Harston, Cambridge
CB22 7GG (UK)

T: +44 1223 875210
F: +44 1223 875381

Sales contact Asia

Suzhou / China

AB Elektronik Sensors (Suzhou) Co., Ltd
No.158-24 Huashan Road
Jiangsu Province (China)


Register: 320500400030447

Manesar / India

TT Electronics Sensing and Control India Pvt Ltd.
Building No. 410,
Sector-8, IMT Manesar
Haryana - 122 050 (India)


Ministry of Company affairs India
Register U34300DL2006PTC146261

Seoul / Korea

TT Electronics Korea
TaeSuk B/D 17F
275-5 Yangjae-Dong
Seoul 137-943 (Korea)

F: +82-2-3497-0492

Sales contact America

Dallas / USA

AB Elektronik NA
1645 Wallace Drive
TX 75006 (USA)

T:+1 972 323 7151

Fullerton / USA

BI Technologies
4200 Bonita Place
CA 92835-1053 (USA)

T:+1 (714) 447-2300

Carrolton / USA

Optek Inc.
1645 Wallace Drive
TX 75006 (USA)

T:+1 972 323 2200

Detroit / USA

TT Electronics Sales Office US
Novi, Michigan

T:+1 214 766-2620

Our brand is part of the TT Electronics Transportation Portfolio and related to brands and products of AB Elektronik's and AB Mikroelektronik's Position Sensors, Speed Sensors, Pedals, Temperature SensorsPressure Sensors, LED Technologies, On-Board Switches and Power Modules.

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