Current transformers and sensors

Featuring both linear and toroidal product types, TT Electronics portfolio of high reliability current transformers and sensors have a long-standing heritage within harsh environment current sensing and monitoring applications. Key capabilities in this product area include:

  • Thermal management experience – thermal management of current transformers is integral to achieving required current monitoring accuracy
  • Our understanding of the rigorous manufacturing controls allow us to provide solutions to achieving repeatability in one piece assembly, light weight solutions reducing footprint
  • Engineering expertise to oversee specific system  welding requirements; for example proprietary welding ensuring a one piece bus bar
  • TT Aero Stanrew is able to provde silver soldering and brazing for high temperature applications (resistance and flame brazing), high temperature caustic removal of un-solderable enamels, micro spot welding and micro brazing
  • Ensuring reliable performance stability, required over a wide temperature range.

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