ABAC D38999 (Series III)

Series III (Traction, Industrial, Aerospace and Defence)

Rigid Plastic/Silicone Rubber Insert, -65°C to + 175°C, 5 to 46amps, 1 to 128 contacts.

MIL aerospace connector..

The MIL-DTL-38999 Series III range of connectors are designed to meet the most stringent requirements of the Military and Aerospace Industries.

The rugged design of these connectors offers a high performance when subjected to vibration, shock and EMI/RFI environments.

This range has a quick mate threaded coupling system combined with a high performance anti-vibration mechanism.

The stub acme style threads on the coupling nut and receptacles avoid the possibility of cross threading. This feature also improves the ease of blind mating.

The EMI/RFI performance is enhanced by the grounding spring mechanism.



Shell: Aluminium

Insulators: Rigid plastic silicone rubber

Contacts: Copper alloy


Aluminium parts: Cadmium Olive drab (W)

Contacts: Gold over nickel plated

* Consult factory for alternative finishes.


Temperature range: -65˚C to + 175˚C

Shock: 300g, 3 ms according EN 2591-D2 method A

Vibration (sine): 10 to 2000 Hz, 3x12 hrs (60g, 140-2000 Hz) with temperature cycling

Vibration (random):
50 to 2000 Hz , 2x8 hrs (1g² / Hz, 100-2000Hz) at Tº max.
25 to 2000 Hz , 2x8 hrs (5g² / Hz, 100-300Hz) (at ambient Tº)
Test with accessories in acc. with EN 2591-D3

Sealing: Mated connectors meet altitude immersion requirements of MIL-DTL-38999

Salt spray: 500 hrs

Resistance to fluids:
Gasoline: JP5 (OTAN F44)
Mineral hydraulic fluid: MIL-H-5606 (OTAN H515)
Synthetic hydraulic fluid: Skydrol 500 B4
Mineral lubricating: MIL-L-7870A (OTAN 0142)
Synthetic lubricating: MIL-L-23699 (OTAN 0156), MIL-L7808
Cleaning fluid: MIL-DTL-25769 diluted
De-icing fluid: MIL-A-8243
Extinguishing fluid: Chlorobrométhane
Cooling fluid: Coolanol


Coupling: 3 start stub acme thread

Contact termination: Crimp

Sealing: Dynamic sealing ring & individual wire seal grommet. IP67 rated.

Endurance: 500 mating / unmating operations