ABBMS-VG95234 (Mil-C-5015 Style)

Mil-C-5015 Style (Aerospace and Defence, Industrial)

Mil-C-5015 style, Approved to VG 95234, Conform to BS9522-F0032, Reverse Bayonet Connector, Polychloroprene Inserts , 7.5 to 500amps, -55°C to + 125°C, 1 to 61 contacts. Also in Stainless Steel Shells (ABSB).

Mil-C-5015 Bayonet Lock Style Connector.

ABBMS Series. ABBMS Bayonet connectors are based on Mil-C-5015 and conform to BS9522-F0032, and to VG 95234 (Germany).

AB Connectors feature bayonet lock coupling, crimp or solder contacts, protection against water ingress and excellent shielding and continuity characteristics between mated connectors.

The connectors are available with standard polychloroprene insulators which remains flexible at temperatures up to 125°C during a 1000 hour test programme.

A limited number of contact arrangements are available with high temperature insulators which operate between -40°C to +190°C. (HTABBMS)



Shell: Aluminium alloy cadmium free plated with olive drab passivation.

Insulators: Polychloroprene or Fluoro-carbon (high temp).

Grommet: Polychloroprene or Fluoro-carbon (high temp).

Contacts: Copper alloy, silver or gold plated.


Coupling: 3 Pin Bayonet.

Polarisation: Insert orientation. Colour identification.

Contact type: Crimp, solder or p.c.tail.

Contact Arrangements: 1 to 61 contacts.


Maximum contact Current Rating: 7.5 to 500 amps.

Voltage Rating: Between 350V and 1750V AC or DC working.

Contact Resistance: 5 milliohms max.

Temperature Rating: -55°C to +125°C, -40°C to +190°C (high temp).