ABCIRH Size 49

Mil-C-5015 Style (Traction)

Mil-C-5015 style, Inter-Car and Inter-Unit Jumper Bayonet Connector, Low Fire Hazard, Halogen Free Rubber Inserts, 7.5amps to 245amps, -55°C to +125°C.

Halogen Free Bayonet Lock Connector.

ABCIRH Size 49. Shell size 49 connectors are used principally in Rail Transportation for the inter-car and inter-unit jumper cable assemblies. The connectors have all the high performance features of the standard ABCIRH range. Polarisation is achieved by 5 key / keyway system and the free plug is supplied with a rubber covered coupling nut designed to withstand flying ballast and possible damage caused by being accidentally dropped onto a hard surface.

Insulators arrangements accept signal, power and databus contacts and are supplied in *low fire hazard halogen free material.



Shell: Aluminium alloy with cadmium free plating and a choice of passivation colour.

Insulators: Low Fire Hazard rubber.

Grommet: Low Fire Hazard rubber.

Coupling Nut Cover: Low Fire Hazard rubber.

Contacts: Copper alloy, silver or gold over nickel plated.


Coupling: 3 Pin Bayonet.

Polarisation: 5 Key / Keyway.

Contact type: Crimp.

Contact Arrangements: 4 to 49 contacts.


Maximum contact Current Rating: 7.5 to 245 amps

Voltage Rating: 1250 volts AC or DC Working

Temperature Rating: -55°C to +125°C

* Note. The Low Fire Hazard rubber meets the requirements of: BS 6853 Appendix A. Clause A9 and Appendix B. Clause B.5.1 French Specification NFF-16-101, Classification I2, F1.