ABSP (Intervehicle Connectors)

Intervehicle Connectors (Industrial, Aerospace and Defence)

Mono pin connection, capable of carrying high current at high temperatures. Connection is retained by a binding clamp allowing quick fit and release for ease of assembly. The ABSP range employs a superior insulator material that gives excellent impact resistance even at low temperatures. All the materials used in the ABSP range are Low toxicity, Low Smoke. Temp range +150°C to -40°C. Current 300amp continuous , 1200MP FOR 1 MIN

High Current/ High Temperature Connectors.

AB Connectors ABSP range of High Current/ High Temperature Connectors is ideally suited to applications where High Impact resistance is necessary. The Connector can accommodate temperatures between +150°C to -40°C and will perform perfectly at 300amp continuous and 1200amp for 1min. Please see the catalogue for further details.


General Specifications

Temperature Rating: +150°C to -40°C Continuous Operating

Current Rating: 300A Continuous 1200A for 1 Minute Based on 0000 cable

Operating Voltage: 50V

Voltage Proof: 3kV

Clamp Screw Torque: 5.6Nm (50lb/in)

Panel Mounted Terminal Thread: 3/8" x 24 UNF