mag-Net® - The Invisible Garment Mounted Power and Data Connector

Magnetic Connector for Armed Forces, First Responders and Law Enforcement.

The flush-flat, self-aligning, automatic coupling connector.

For wearable electronic soldier systems in harsh environments that require invisible power and data connectivity. mag-Net® is a ground-breaking connector solution that provides incredible ease-of-use and reliability.

Unlike circular barrel connectors, mag-Net® is a robust, flush rectangular solution with a self-aligning, automatic magnetic latching system, enabling the easiest one-handed blind mating.

“Unleash Mobility”

New mag-Net® supports

  • Scalable C4I2 functionality
  • Improved mobility
  • Superior human factors
  • Invisible power and data
  • Dependable reliability

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Features Benefits
World’s first and only MIL spec connector specifically designed for textile mounting No compromise with human factors, reliability, or mobility
Not just ‘blind mating’ but ‘automatic self-latching’ “it just works” allows users to concentrate on their job
Flush mounting with no protrusion No snags, no abrasion
Virtually self-cleaning Minimal maintenance, less down time
Clear separation of electronics from garment Upgrade, repair, cleaning, recycling
TT Electronics global footprint Can 'copy/paste' production to any continent

mag-Net® Garment Receptacle

  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Flush-flat design
  • Versatile rear entry permissible
  • Mechanical latching with no moving parts

“The auto-aligning, self-coupling connector”

mag-Net® Equipment Plug

  • Eliminates the need for cables, minimising dangerous snag hazards and allows direct connection from receptacle to equipment
  • Lightweight
  • Auto-aligning
  • Self-coupling
  • One-handed, Blind mating

“Eliminate the need for cables altogether”

mag-Net® Cable Plug

  • Various cable entry points permissible
  • Lightweight
  • Auto-aligning
  • Self-coupling
  • One-handed, Blind mating

“Ease-of-use Personified”

mag-Net® Garment Cage

  • Patent pending garment attachment system
  • Allows clear separation of the electronics from the system
  • Consumes only one MOLLE/PALS strap
  • Securely sewn onto garment
  • Flush fitting


mag-Net® meets and exceeds the GSA (Generic Soldier Architecture) standard which is currently being developed by the UK MoD.


Shells: Aluminium

Inserts: Glass filled thermoplastic

Contacts: Copper Alloy

Standard Plating finishes

Metal parts: Non reflective, low lustre, black Electroless Nickel (RoHS compliant)

Contacts: Gold

Mechanical Features

Coupling: Magnetic auto-aligning, self-coupling system with no moving parts

Contact type: PCB pins

Sealing: Dynamic seal

Endurance: 2000 mating operations minimum



mag-Net® awarded highly commended status in the Elektra Awards Passive/electromechanical product of the year category

mag-Net® awarded highly commended status in the Elektra Awards Passive / electromechanical product of the year category



mag-Net® selected as finalist in New Product Of The Year (Mechanical) category


Download the mag-Net datasheet
mag-Net® Fast Facts


Download the mag-Net datasheet
Download the mag-Net® datasheet