Ultra lightweight push-pull connector

Ultra lightweight push-pull connector (Industrial, Aerospace and Defence)

A very high density push / pull connector family offering considerable size and weight advantages.

MIL-PP the new standard in push-pull connectors.

• Ultra-lightweight
• Ultra high-pitch contact density
• High-speed data capability
• Robust design for the most demanding environments
• Positive, blind mateable, key-keyway engagement system
• Fully scoop-proof, to prevent accidental contact damage
• RoHS, Reach & WEEE compliant
• Low-lustre, non-reflective, black finish
• Super ergonomic overmould design

This product is a push pull connector that has been specifically designed for soldier-borne and man-portable defence applications. In comparison to other connectors of similar types, it offers simpler orientation alignment, greater sealing performance both mated and un-mated conditions exceeding special forces requirements, excellent shell to shell continuity for minimised electronic signature, all in a ultra robust package for the most demanding field theatre environments. In addition this connector range is fully RoHS compliant.

IP68 (3m) sealing, pcb & solder contacts, scoop proof, blind mating, 1000+ hrs salt spray corrosion resistant, 2000+ mating cycles, and available as overmoulded harness or with fitted flexi PCBs for easy installation.


• Coded key location
• Castellated Lock nut
• Solder or printed circuit tail contacts with ground pin to shell
• Standard and low profile versions
• Fully scoop proof contacts
• Can be supplied with flexi PCB


• Colour coded Key location
• Fully scoop proof contacts
• Blind mateable
• Available with standard overmoulded harness


• Colour coded Key location
• Fully scoop proof contacts
• Blind mateable
• Available with standard overmoulded harness



Shells: Aerospace grade Aluminium

Insulators: Rigid polymer (PBT)

Contacts: Copper Alloy

Standard Plating finishes

Metal parts: Non reflective, low lustre, black Electroless Nickel (RoHS compliant)

Contacts: Gold

Mechanical Features

Coupling: push pull, blind mating

Contact type: Solder and PCB pins

Contact Retention: Fixed, moulded in position with a positive lock

Sealing: Dynamic sealing o-ring, internal inter contact seal o-ring for panel mounting

Endurance: 5000 mating operations minimum

Environmental Ratings

Temperature Range: -40°C to +125°C

Vibration: 16hrs random

Sealing: IP68 (3m) Mated

Salt Spray: 1000 Hours

Mechanical Characteristics

Insulation resistance: 5000M ohms

Dielectric withstand voltage: 500 V

Current rating: 3 amps @ 40°C