MK 18 (Marine Connectors)

Marine Connectors (Aerospace and Defence)

Mil-C-26482 Series 2 style, Conforms to BS 9522 F 00020, Nickel Aluminium Bronze with Anti-Glare finish, Polychloroprene Insert, -55°C to + 125°C, 5 to 50amps, 2 to 61 contacts.

2-Start, Coarse Screw Coupling Connector.

Mk18 (Pattern 608). A complete system of medium density connectors and accessories designed to withstand extreme environmental conditions. Meeting the requirements of BS9522-F0020, Mk18 connectors are particularly suitable for exposed areas in marine and land based equipments. The nickel aluminium bronze shells provide excellent corrosion resistance coupled with high strength.

The quick start threaded coupling nut with anti-vibration device gives positive controlled compression of the interface seal in a metal to metal condition, resulting in a screening performance of 75dB at 100MHz typical and 55dB at 1000MHz.

Mk 18 connectors are available in 9 shell sizes with planforms, based on Mil-C-26482 accommodating from 2 to 61 contacts.

Sealed outlets accommodate jacketed screened multicore cables and provide a cable entry which is watertight to a depth of 12 feet.



Shell: Nickel aluminium bronze - antiglare finish.

Insulators: Polychloroprene.

Contacts: Copper alloy, gold plated.


Coupling: Quick start threaded, with audible anti-vibration feature.

Polarisation: 5 Key/Keyway.

Contact type: Crimp removable. Solder and pc tail - non removable.

Contact Arrangements: 2 to 61 contacts.


Maximum contact Current Rating: 5 to 50 amps.

Voltage Rating: Working AC or DC peak between 700V and 1500V.

Temperature Rating: -55°C to +125°C