UKAN (Mil-C-5015 Style)

Mil-C-5015 Style (Aerospace and Defence, Traction)

Mil-C-5015 style, Def 5321, Fine Screw Coupling, Silicone Rubber Inserts,-55°C to +190°C and High temp versions to 1100°C for 20mins, 1 to 48 contacts, 12 to 100amps.

Fine Screw Coupling Connector.

UKAN. UKAN connectors are designed in accordance with DEF 5321 and MIL-C-5015. High grade one piece resilient insulators feature an integral rubber retention system to accommodate rear insertion, front release crimp contacts. The connector is available with special inserts which are kerosene resistant and immune to the disintegrating effects of ozone and U.V. light. The standard range features aluminium alloy shells, but a fireproof range with steel shells is available and is capable of withstanding flame temperatures of 1100°C for 20 minutes.

Contact arrangements cover from 1 to 48 contacts in 11 shell sizes. A comprehensive range of outlet fittings is available.



Shell: Standard range - aluminium alloy, Alocrom 1200. Fireproof range -mild steel - cadmium plated,olive drab passivated.

Insulators: Silicone rubber.

Contacts: Copper alloy, silver or gold plated.


Coupling: Fine Thread.

Polarisation: Insert orientation.

Contact type: Solder or crimp removable.

Contact Arrangements: 1 to 48 contacts.


Maximum contact Current Rating: 12 to 100 amps.

Voltage Rating: Working AC or DC peak 2KV AC RMS.

Contact Resistance: 10 milliohms max.

Temperature Rating: -55°C to +190°C, +1100°C for 20 mins (fireproof range).