Supporting Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)

Engineers and scientists have made a huge impact on our world, making significant changes in the way we communicate through to advancements in medicines. They play an essential role in creating a sustainable by minimising energy consumption through to reducing carbon emissions. To sustain such innovation, we need to increase the number of people becoming engineers and scientists. At TT, we are committed to encouraging the take up of STEM. The programmes highlight our STEM story.

Our facilities take part in many local STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) focused educational partnerships. In Lutterworth, UK, for example, we hosted a three-day school visit, with the objective of inspiring the engineers of the future. At our Fairford, UK site we supported the STEM works organisation by welcoming six bright young students from the local area.

During their visit they toured the site and had the opportunity to develop their skills in computer-aided design by using tools to make their own personalised key rings and specialised multi-core cables. Later in the year, valuable manufacturing experience was added via a “Build and Program Robots” workshop at Northleach Primary School in Gloucestershire.

Our most recent event was in July 2016 when we took part in the first Science, Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) festival held in Winchester, UK.  Attracting over 1,000 students and teachers from the local area, the festival provided young people with an inspiring insight into STEM careers and opportunities. Four R&D team members represented TT – sharing their experiences and showcasing our technologies and some of the exciting products we produce.