Improved Precision High Stability Tantalum Nitride WIN Series

18 Jan 2016
Improved Precision High Stability Tantalum Nitride WIN Series

TT Electronics has extended the WIN series range of precision chip resistors and improved the tolerances and TCRs available. The minimum ohmic value is now halved to 5 ohms, and a tolerance of +/-0.05% and TCR of +/-15ppm/*C is now included.

WIN series thin film chip resistors use an advanced metal film technology to provide high levels of reliability and stability for precision applications. The water insoluble nitride film is a tantalum nitride which completely avoids the moisture vulnerability problems of the nichrome film normally used for thin film chip resistors. Whilst passivated nichrome technology mitigates this problem, tantalum nitride solves it altogether. Once the province of the aerospace and military sector, the new WIN process has opened up tantalum nitride technology to medical and industrial applications. Its unique combination of accuracy, stability and reliability is finding uses in energy metering, industrial automation, IT systems and medical monitors.

In addition, WIN is now available with optional SnPb terminations, allowing its use in high reliability designs where RoHS termination finishes are not required. For further information visit: