Success Story: Defense

TT Supports Defense Manufacturer to Meet Daily Electronics Delivery Requirements


Defense manufacturer needed to rework printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) to a lead-free (RoHS), compliant process.


A team of TT Electronics manufacturing engineers worked with the customer to determine the goals of the project and the sustainability requirements necessary. TT Electronics engineers educated the customer on RoHS compliance and completely reworked the assembly process including the solder paste, flow solder alloys, PCB finishes and the surface mount assembly process. We worked with suppliers to identify and create components from materials that met the customer's stringent sustainability requirements. The program was so extensive that TT Electronics initiated a new part number system and labeling to ensure the proper components were sourced. New testing procedures were put into place to ensure no cross contamination in the manufacturing facility. 


More than two years of research, qualification testing and final assembly methodology and processes were captured in a comprehensive training program for the customer. In less than three months, through extensive collaboration and teamwork, the new RoHS processes were put in place at the customer's facilities and for the electronics assemblies manufactured by TT Electronics for them.


When Manufacturing Challenges Happen, TT Electronics delivers

Change is the only variable we can count on in today's highly volatile marketplace. Change is constant and as a partner to our customers, TT Electronics must embrace change. When changes effect our customers, it affects us. We work together with our customers and their suppliers to find solutions to challenges that arise over months and sometimes overnight. 

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