Our brand Aero Stanrew specialises in the design and manufacture of ruggedised electromagnetic components and electronics systems for safety critical applications in aerospace and defence markets.

We are recognised for our expertise in custom electromagnetics and electronic and electromechanical assembly, where our customers trust us to meet and exceed their demanding requirements.

We have established agile, collaborative manufacturing and engineering teams which are able to respond quickly and effectively to desired customer changes and we can also screen products to a range of industry recognised standards.

TT Electronics' brand Aero Stanrew designs, develops & manufactures custom magnetics and electromagnetic systems for use in high reliability, high integrity applications

Power range: up to 10kVA

Environmental Capabilities:

  • Temperature: -55°C to 240°C
  • Pressure: 10% above atmospheric down to zero
  • Vibration: 6g rms (using local sub-contract test-house)
  • Shock: 25g peak (using local sub-contract test-house)

Racks and Sub-Rack Systems

Panel Design and Build

Specialising in the development of cost effective panel design and build, TT Electronics' brand Aero Stanrew are able to harness extensive experience to provide customers with bespoke solutions in a wide range of system areas. Our expertise allows us to configure panel wiring assembly, power installation circuitry and any custom cabling or heat management requirements. Our collaborative and knowledgeable engineering teams are able to work closely with our customers to deliver the exact assembly requirements they need to meet their specifications with a finished product of the highest quality.


Bespoke test equipment

Bespoke Test Equipment

From our world-class manufacturing facility, TT Electronics' brand Aero Stanrew are able to offer and extensive range of bespoke test equipment. We have a wealth of experience in test engineering services with a particular focus on the design, build and commissioning of unique test equipment for our customers. Providing major test solutions for aerospace, defence, oil and gas and industrial markets, our customers can benefit from our expertise around test interface systems, test benches, test rigs for laboratory use, test solution partnerships with national instruments and experience in a number of complex telemetry systems.

Interconnect and Harnessing Systems

Interconnect and Harnessing Systems

TT Electronics' Interconnect Systems have a range of cable and wiring loom assembly capabilities. Our harness design is completed using the latest Tyco HarnWare software and using the expertise of our fully trained wiremen we are able to provide wire harnessing and loom assembly suitable for many different interconnect system applications used in a range of harsh environment industry platforms.

PCB Assembly

PCB Assembly

In conjunction with our magnetics portfolio, a core capability of TT Electronics' brand Aero Stanrew is our expertise focused around printed circuit board (PCB) assembly for systems subject to harsh environmental conditions. As a result of years of experience with both surface mount and through hole assembly, we are recognised in the industry for services around the fundamental design layout of the circuit board, as well as aiding development of prototype support providing solutions where effective heat management and dissipation are key. We have employed a highly skilled workforce in PCB manufacturing assembly, which we can attribute to our continued growth milestones and the overall success of our company. With very competitive pricing, we are able to offer a one-stop service with all processes and operations in accordance with ISO9001 standards and in compliance with the IPC-A-620 Acceptability of Printed Boards Standards.

Panel design and build

Racks and Sub-Rack Systems

TT Electronics' brand Aero Stanrew offer both modular sub rack manufacture and standard sub rack manufacture (backplanes/daughter cards). We’ve also established an industry recognised pedigree in simulation and test equipment, as well as cabinet design and the assembly of telecommunications cabinets. In addition to design assistance we also have the capacity to build to print and can provide a complete solution with production facilities on site to provide metalwork expertise, painting, screen printing and labelling. By taking into consideration a range of customer concerns around weight distribution and mobility, centre of gravity in the design and detailed aspects such as the loading on each caster, TT Electronics solutions will meet the complex demands of a range of harsh environment applications.

TT Electronics Electromagnetics portfolio is continually expanding. Research and investment has been targeted for development in the following areas:

Current sensing

Current Sensing

  • Precise current monitoring for health and performance monitoring
  • Regowski coil application in harsh environments
  • Collaboration with leading health monitoring UK university
  • New product and retrofit solution to reduce maintenance costs


Power supply

Power Supply

  • LAMPS (Lightweight Affordable Motor and Power Electronics Systems)
  • Development of low-profile power, control and filtration modules incorporating advanced electromagnetic components, and sub-systems, such as voltage monitoring together with power supply magnetics, transformers and inductors




  • Advanced Manufacturing Supply Chain Initiative (AMSCI)
  • Development of automated winding techniques and the medium/platform for providing manufacturing data to the shop floor and link into workforce
  • Further accelerate development process


Reverse engineering

Reverse Engineering/Product Development

TT Electronics' brand Aero Stanrew is able to perform reverse engineering on products where documentation may not be available and provide a drawing pack as a part of the service. Our experience in a range of industries and extensive in-house capabilities allows us to reverse engineer existing magnetics or electromagnetics assembly to ensure improved levels of performance enhance product service life and reduce costs. All intellectual property will be retained with the customer offering improved performance and continued support to resolve failure modes.

TT Electronics' brand Aero Stanrew is accredited to BS EN 9100 Rev C as well as ISO 9001:2008. The company holds a variety of customer accreditations from companies such as United Technologies, Goodrich, Rolls Royce, Agusta Westland, Thales, Eaton Aerospace, GE and Astrium.

In addition, the company has European Space Agency trained wiremen and has in internally accredited IPC A610 trained trainer. Over a prolonged period of time the success of the business has been as a result of a culture of continuous improvement and an emphasis on meeting and exceeding the demanding expectations of our customers.

We aim to partner with suppliers who are able to match up to these challenging expectations.

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