Aerospace and defence


TT Electronics offers high-reliability aerospace and defence technology for safety critical applications in harsh environments. Supporting major current defence and aerospace programs, we work closely with contractors at every level to help them meet the challenges of the industry.

Our design and manufacturing expertise means we can help our customers with complex customised projects. Our solutions are key to the mission critical requirements of multiple aerospace and defence applications - and our products and technologies deliver peak performance, endurance and dependability.

Latest aerospace and defence news

Blog: Advanced technology assists thrust vector control

18 Sep 2017

Rob Coleman, Technical Sales Manager, TT Electronics, Power Electronics and Josh Slater, Marketing Specialist, TT Electronics, Power Electronics explore technologies to support thrust vector control in space applications. (Photo credit: ESA)

Blog: The complete future soldier communications solution from one supplier

9 Aug 2017

Robert Coleman, Technical Sales Manager – Power Electronics discusses the demands of the future soldier and TT Electronics solutions able to ensure reliability in the harshest environments

Blog: Multi-Chip Arrays (MCAs) pave the way for ‘NewSpace’ projects

17 May 2017

Robert Coleman, Technical Sales Manager, explores how the ‘NewSpace’ industry is demanding a whole new genre of components