Working with some of the biggest names in transportation, TT Electronics specialises in providing advanced automotive technologies. These address multiple applications to improve all aspects of the driving experience.

Our deep knowledge and expertise in the automotive market has been built over many decades. We develop solutions, using multiple technologies, that give our customers the means to improve comfort and safety, and reduce emissions.

Transportation applicationsA wide portfolio of transportation applications

TT Electronics combines core competencies in materials science as well as electronic and mechanical engineering. Our deep understanding of our customers’ needs allows us to develop innovative products.

We support premium car makers through the design and delivery of high performance electronic components and systems for a wide range of sophisticated applications.

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Exhaust-after-treatmentSensors and power electronics for the exhaust system

The treatment of exhaust is a core competence of TT Electronics. Our experts have been involved in emissions after-treatment since fuel consumption and emission reduction initiatives were first proposed.

TT has in-depth knowledge and experience of the European EURO5 and EURO6 emission regulations as well as EPA Tier 4 i and f. This allows us to collaborate with customers in applying our sensor and power electronics technology to the next generation of environmentally-friendly and reliable exhaust system designs.


ChassisChassis-Solutions for more safety and comfort

Modern chassis applications require sensors that can respond quickly and accurately to deliver driver and passenger comfort and safety. TT Electronics has been producing position sensors for chassis applications using various technologies since 1990. Its developments include Autopad®, a proprietary contactless inductive technology, and Optek Steering Sensors that are designed for demanding Electric Power Steering (EPS) systems where high performance and durability are essential.


As electric vehicles gain even greater importance, TT Electronics intends to play its part in supporting customers with this environmentally friendly alternative to conventional vehicles. We offer customer specific solutions for electric and hybrid vehicles. These span applications that include battery management, electrical traction drives, relays, and in-wheel-drive systems.

TransmissionTransmission applications

Gearbox sensors help to increase performance efficiency and reduce emissions. Sensors with high accuracy and fast response times can contribute to driving comfort whilst also reducing fuel consumption. TT Electronics also offers multi-function position sensors and innovative sensor clusters for gathering pressure and temperature data.

LED-lightingLED modules for automotive headlight applications

Bright LEDs are delivering improved safety, longer service lifetime and significant energy savings throughout the automotive industry. Designers have also been able to use vehicle lighting to visually enhance manufacturers’ brand association. TT Electronics’ module technology enables automotive headlight applications that offer customers maximum design freedom in the efficient use and control of high power LEDs.

PowertrainMobility is an important factor for the global economy

Sophisticated engine management and strict exhaust gas standards require highly efficient motor control for electric auxiliary traction units. This in turn requires increasingly individual sensor solutions such as TT Electronics’ wide range of magnetics products. These can be used to design smaller and lighter IGBT solutions to increase reliability and enhance safety.

RailTT Electronics supplies some of the largest transportation systems in the world and has built strong partnerships based on innovation and engineering expertise. Offering everything from components and complex cable systems to complete system integration, TT provides unsurpassed end-to-end product manufacturing capabilities for rolling stock, equipment and trackside applications.