Cable + Interconnect Assembly

Cable Harness Manufacturing & Interconnect Assembly

Excelling in Cable Harness Manufacturing, Worldwide

As experts in low volume, high mix electronics manufacturing services, our skilled team can provide complete cable harness manufacturing at each of our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Asia, Europe and North America. We offer customized cable harness and overmolded cable assemblies which provide durability and strain relief to cables, ensuring that the interface between the cable and backshell of the connector cannot be damaged.

Cable Harness Manufacturing & Interconnect Assembly

With expertise in cable design and on-site engineering support, TT produces conceptualized cable drawings from your project specifications. From simple cable design drawings to more complex engineering, our team of skilled engineers use a suite of design software platforms including AutoCad and CATIA to produce original wire harness concepts specific to each unique application. We can build to your existing drawing specifications, or collaborate with your team through the development of new designs. Our engineering team has experience developing projects involving 3D modeling of sophisticated harness systems and interconnect solutions.

When you require on-site engineering services, TT will send qualified engineering resources with IPC-A-620 expertise to your work site. Our on-site support offerings range from design consultation and prototype support, to complete installation. TT has earned its reputation as a premier supplier of high performance, ruggedised cable harnessing solutions for harsh environments within the aerospace, defence, communications and industrial markets. TT also manufactures a variety of specialist backshells designed for EMP, EMC, TEMPEST and HIRF requirements.

Application Experience

Military Land Based Vehicles

TT is committed to serving the armed forces through manufacturing partnerships with the largest aerospace, defense and homeland security companies in the world. As a proven industry leader with expertise in ruggedized electronics, we collaborate with customers to provide mission-critical solutions for the most challenging environments.

Rotary Wing Aircraft

Vibration and salt spray are just two of the hazards facing military aircraft. TT has developed a range of products that allow the termination of multiple screens in these types of harsh environments without causing degradation to interconnection systems. Design and manufacture of complex cable harnesses form part of our core strengths. We are actively involved with all systems within helicopter operations including UOR activities system upgrades and role fits.

Military Fixed Wing Aircraft

The need for highly reliably electrical protection on military platforms is especially critical as environmental conditions such as lightning and warfare pose significant threats for interference with electrical systems in the air and on the ground. TT provides cost effective electrical interface systems designed to withstand the affects of EMC, EMI, EMP and HIRF along with the harshest of environmental conditions.

Missile And Defensive Suites

The drive to find stronger and lighter materials affect every element of modern aircraft design. By proactively working to design and produce advanced composites that meet your specifications, we help you stay ahead of the curve in an innovation driven market. TT is a leader in the design of lighter, more compact interconnection systems featuring miniaturisation of connector products and lightweight wiring solutions. We understand that screening remains a high priority, and offer a full range of connector accessories as part of our portfolio to ensure that your design is never compromised.

Civil Aircraft

The civil aircraft market demands reliable manufacturing processes, and in this competitive market, lightweight, reliable, and cost-efficient design solutions are integral to success. TT is at the forefront of rigid tube design and manufacturing, particularly for aerospace applications. TT's patented composite systems technology and certified manufacturing processes allow for greater flexibility of your product design, without loss of structural performance.

Naval Systems

At TT Electronics, we understand the unique set of challenges faced by Naval applications in the design of interconnection systems. We offer screened cable and conduit systems approved for above deck full threat EMP protection. Our ability to manufacture interconnection panels ensures that environmental conditions are taken into account during the design process, before your product ever reaches the field.