Coatings, Pottings, Encapsulations

Conformal Coatings, Pottings & Encapsulations for Ruggedized Electronics

Conformal Coatings, Pottings and Encapsulations for the Toughest Environments

How tough do your electronics need to be? While every product manufactured at TT Electronics Global Manufacturing Solutions facilities is assembled in a clean, secure and safe environment, our electronics work in some of the most severe environments in the world. From highly corrosive environments to deep-water oceanic applications, TT Electronics ensures that every product we manufacture performs in a variety of complex, real world situations.

TT Electronics creates high quality electronics products that perform flawlessly, regardless of environmental hazards and performance threats. TT Electronics' engineers understand that dirt, moisture, temperature and humidity extremes, and corrosion are just a few of the threats to electronics performance and durability.

Each of our manufacturing facilities in Asia, Europe and North America provide full coatings and encapsulation services to protect sensitive electronics from environmental hazards. When your electronics solutions need to perform in a rugged environment, whether for the aerospace, defense, medical, industrial or rail transportation industries, you can count on TT Electronics to deliver.

Find out just how tough we can make your electronics products and learn more about the services TT Electronics, a true end-to-end, integrated electronics manufacturer, can provide.