Success Story: Medical

Building Customer Relationships. Engaging Global Sales Channels.

A world leader in analytical instruments and laboratory equipment engaged with all of the TT-IMS global manufacturing sites to provide state-of-the-art products, new product introduction and engineering services. Our time to market capabilities supported a new product launch of an ultra low temperature freezer by leveraging the proximity of our North America facility to the customer's own design centers. As this unique partnership matures, TT continues to support volume requirements and localization of supply chain for these enclosures within our Suzhou China manufacturing facility.


When Manufacturing Challenges Happen, TT Electronics delivers

Change is the only variable we can count on in today's highly volatile marketplace. Change is constant and as a partner to our customers, TT Electronics must embrace change. When changes effect our customers, it affects us. We work together with our customers and their suppliers to find solutions to challenges that arise over months and sometimes overnight. 

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