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Sensors and Specialist Components

Sensors and Specialist Components

The Sensors and Specialist Component division works with customers to develop standard and customised solutions including sensors and power management devices. Our solutions improve the precision, speed and reliability of critical aspects of our customers’ applications.

Power Electronics

Power and Connectivity

The Power and Connectivity division designs and manufactures power application products and connectivity devices which enable the capture and wireless transfer of data. We collaborate with our customers to develop innovative solutions to optimise their electronic systems.

N.B this division includes the acquisitions of Stadium’s Technology Products business and Precision
Global Manufacturing Solutions

Global Manufacturing Solutions

The Global Manufacturing Solutions division provides manufacturing services and engineering solutions for our product divisions and to customers that often require a lower volume and higher mix of different products. We produce printed circuit board assemblies through to full electronic products to our customers’ designs coupled with engineering testing and integration services.

N.B. this division includes the acquisition of Stadium’s Electronic Assemblies business

Largest markets: Industrial, transportation

Largest market: Aerospace and defence

Largest markets: Industrial, medical

Half year 2018 revenue: £71.3m

Half Year 2018 revenue: £38.7m

Half Year 2018 revenue: £84.2m

Half Year 2018 underlying operating profit: £9.9m

Half Year 2018 underlying operating profit: £2.5m

Half Year 2018 underlying operating profit: £5.9m