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Industrial Sensing and Control

Sensors and Specialist Components

The Sensors and Specialist Component division collaborates with customers to develop both standard and customised solutions that improve the precision, speed and reliability of performance-critical applications in the industrial, medical, transportation and aerospace and defence sectors. We design and manufacture highly engineered parts that solve customer challenges. Product offerings include specialist resistive technology, optoelectronics and sensors for torque, position, pressure, flow and temperature.

Advanced Components

Power Electronics

The Power Electronics division designs and manufactures specialist, high reliability electronic components and sub-assemblies for safety critical applications in harsh environments, typically supplying into power management, engine controls and connectivity systems. It serves major global blue-chip customers in the aerospace and defence, industrial and transportation markets focusing on creating value by developing innovative electronic solutions to challenging problems for our customers’ electronic systems.

Integrated Manufacturing Services

Global Manufacturing Solutions

The core capabilities of the Global Manufacturing Solutions division are relied on by our OEM customers to provide high mix low volume manufacturing solutions in our highly controlled and accredited facilities worldwide. Our products go into a wide range of end products ranging from medical devices, such as mass spectrometry detectors to power control modules used in rail transport infrastructure to single box avionics solutions.

Main markets: Industrial, medical, transportation, oil and gas

Main markets: Aerospace and defence, industrial, transportation, power and energy

Main markets: Aerospace and defence, medical, industrial, transportation

Revenue (restated 2016)

Revenue (restated 2016)

Revenue (restated 2016)

Underlying operating profit (restated 2016)

Underlying operating profit (restated 2016)

Underlying operating profit (restated 2016)


Revenues restated following sale of the Transportation Sensing and Control division announced on 19 July 2017, completed on 2 October 2017, read more here.