Our strategy

Leveraging our attributes and unlocking their potential

We leverage our attributes by training and supporting our people, enhancing our culture, bolstering our brand, making the most of our global manufacturing footprint and providing a clear focus for our teams in sales, R&D and operations.


1-6 denotes links to our strategic priorities. See below.


Maximising value through our strategy

Our focused strategy unlocks our potential, optimising our business performance to maximise value for our stakeholders.


Our strategy is to:
  • Position ourselves in structural growth markets where there is increasing electronic content;
  • Target areas of the market where there is less competitive intensity, or where we can differentiate ourselves using our industry expertise and focused R&D investment, to develop engineered electronic solutions for our customers’ most complex challenges;
  • Ensure our business is sustainable in the long term; and,
  • Deliver growth and value for our shareholders.
Our strategy is aligned to our six strategic priorities, to improve customer and operational performance while improving returns and cash generation.
  1. Market leading position
  2. Enhanced customer focus
  3. Targeted and efficient R&D spend
  4. Operational efficiency
  5. A lean, agile and learning organisation
  6. Financial discipline and performance management

Winning in end markets where we are well positioned

We focus our business operations in four end markets and report through four divisions.


End markets
  • Sensors and Specialist Components
  • Power Electronics
  • Global Manufacturing Solutions

Creating sustainable value for our stakeholders

Our flexible approach allows us to respond to changing customer and market dynamics. Our focused strategy ensures we have clear priorities to maximise the value for our stakeholders.